[amsat-bb] TF/NJ7H HP74

Gabriel Zeifman gabrielzeifman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 01:06:46 UTC 2017

Hello bird peoples,

I'll be venturing to HP74 in the morning (Friday 7/7). This grid has only a
tiny sliver of land in it. My must-work passes are:

1208Z FO-29
1313Z SO-50
1358Z FO-29

Planning a fixed transmit of 145.940 on FO-29. In case of QRM (lids, EO-88
beacon, etc), I'll plan to move down.

When FO-29 goes to polar bear country on the early pass I may QSY to AO-7
if I'm not getting any more customers. AO-7 of course needs to be in mode B
or C (overhead pass in EU, who knows), but it has good footprint to the US,
but the QSY assumes I'm not working anyone further on FO-29.

There are some other passes on various birds while I am there, I may get on
randomly or can get on by request. There are some good looking SO-50 passes
later which will cover most of the Eastern US and Europe that I will plan
to be on, although I cannot guarantee grid (likely not HP74, probably 84 or
maybe 94).

With that being said, it is a three hour drive to the HP74 in the morning
and I need to get a bit of sleep for this one. I'm gonna go ahead and call
it QRT for the day. To those on the west coast who still haven't worked me,
I'll get on more of the late-night western passes in the coming days. Find
a decent horizon, seriously. You have a rover in TF who can work the
horizon and I happen to be here during apogee season, this is a rare
opportunity to work Europe from the North American west coast, try not to
keep blowing it.

As far as future plans for the trip, I am looking to get back to HP93 and
hopefully IP03 (maybe IP04 also). Possibly a grid line (dare I say, a
corner). I'll try to get on some NA bound passes from these, possibly even
FO-29 on Saturday morning.

Hope to see everyone from these rare grids and from OY/OX next week!

73 and keep the power down,


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