[amsat-bb] 14000+ LoTW sat contacts uploaded

Jeff kb2m at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 19:31:23 UTC 2017

I finally had the time (it took mea good part of 4 days) to  massage my old sat contacts and upload then to LoTW. I  sent over 14,000 sat contacts from 1997 to  April 2013 to LoTW.  I  now keep separate logs for my 3 residences.

Here is what the results are so far from my main NJ log....

Sat DXCC 19 of 96  QSO’s confirmed,

WAS 35 of 50 states confirmed , 

VUCC 114 of 569 grid’s confirmed .

A pretty dismal QSL LoTW return if you ask me. More should show up when the rest of you old sat op’s upload your sat contacts to LoTW. For example I have 4 sat contacts with AK, no QSL. I will now have to go through my 3,000+ QSL cards to check for SAT contacts. I went through them last year for HF and only added 3 QSL records to my HF total’s, now 289 of 330.  So I’m not feeling optimistic about getting the 77 SAT QSL’s I need!
Also, Besides the logging fields mismatched with LoTW that I had to fix, there also was a big almost 3 year long area of my log that had been corrupted by LUX-LOG the logging s/w I was using at the time, I was unaware that my log was corrupted until it was too late. I recovered some of the QSO’s  but there are thousands lost, including ALL of my RS-10 contacts, most of my RS-15, RS-12, RS13, and some of my AO-10, and AO-40. 
I now wonder if any of those lost HEO contacts would of put me over 100 SAT DXCC. Very sad....

73 Jeff kb2m

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