[amsat-bb] Re-entry predictions for BY70-1

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Mon Jan 30 00:43:27 UTC 2017

Only Mr. Spock could answer that!



On 2017-01-29 7:35 PM, Scott wrote:
> So, if you happen to be on a border between two grid squares & you 
> make a satellite contact that becomes a meteor scatter contact, do you 
> just sit back and watch your logging program explode?
> -Scott,  K4KDR
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> A unique meteor scatter opportunity!
> 73,
> Ken
> On 2017-01-29 5:51 PM, Mac A. Cody wrote:
>> Todd and Joe,
>> Given that BY70-1 is a 2U cubesat measuring 10x10x20cm and weighing
>> only a few kilograms (details here:
>> https://amsat-uk.org/2016/12/27/by70-1-fm-transponder-satellite/),
>> it will completely burn up upon reentry.  When and where it will
>> burn up, of course, depends on the orbital dynamics, atmospheric
>> conditions (the sun's radiation affects the height of the top of the
>> atmosphere), and the satellite cross-section.  The eventual demise may
>> be over one of the oceans or a cloudy region, with no one present or
>> able to witness it.
>> Since BY70-1 is reported to have 3-axis stabilization, we may be
>> able to enjoy its use right up to its fiery end.  I have been trying
>> to work BY70-1 as much as my other responsibilities will allow. I
>> encourage all to do the same.
>> 73,
>> Mac / AE5PH
>> On 01/29/2017 10:07 AM, Todd Deckard wrote:
>>> Greetings Joe!
>>> space-track.org lists the decay epoch as 2017-02-22 0:00:00 -- note 
>>> this is not strictly the re-entry time but perhaps gives us an 
>>> approximate window?
>>> I do not understand the material very well.  It appears for large 
>>> objects they will calculate a time-and-impact prediction as things 
>>> become more certain but perhaps poor Bayi-Kepu-Weixing-1 may not 
>>> rate as it doesn't pose a hazard.
>>> I don't even know if it would be visible during re-entry given the 
>>> speed?
>>>> When will we have a closer idea of when it may re-enter?
>>>> It would be neat to try to catch it on video.
>>>> Joe WB9SBD 
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