[amsat-bb] THANKS Re: Where did the TLEs go for BY70-1?

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 13:21:56 UTC 2017

A suggestion would be to contact Tim through his website, politely explain that BY70-1 is of interest
to amateurs, and request that he include it in the amateur.txt list because you need frequent updates.
In the past he has been very responsive.



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<Greetings Mac,
<Thanks for this!
<The AMSAT ftp site isn't updated frequently enough for the deteriorating orbit and a single precision
<PLAN13 implementation on the ATmega1280.
<As an example here's the CELESTRAK output:
<1 41909U 16083C   17029.24424671  .00506735  24288-5  70240-3 0  9991
<2 41909  97.5768 109.7306 0160558 244.2616 114.2002 15.85900257  5044
<Here's the AMSAT record sampled from the same time.
<1 41909U 16083C   17026.84471594  .00329730  24344-5  49404-3 0  9999
<2 41909  97.5781 107.0760 0167800 253.3870 105.1424 15.83446051  4663
<As expected, atmospheric drag has the largest effect on the semi-major axis, eccentricity, and
<of perigee. Alas it won't be long now.  Still haven't gotten a confirmed QSO!
<>Mac A. Cody maccody at att.net
<>Sun Jan 29 02:43:52 UTC 2017
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<>Mark KK6OTJ told me that you can find the latest TLEs for BY70-1 by using
<>the SATCAT search function at http://www.celestrak.com/satcat/search.asp
<>Search using the name BY70-1.
<>Mac / AE5PH
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