[amsat-bb] Satellites and small yagis

John Geiger af5cc2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 03:35:45 UTC 2017

After having been off the satellites for a while due to life stuff, I am
almost ready to get back on again, I hope.  I have a little space on the
mast under my miniquad where I can mount a small dualband end mounted
yagi.  I have been looking at the Jetstream 2m/70cm since it is cheapest
and should fit there fine. It has 3 elements on 2m and 5 elements on 70cm.
Will that good enough on the satellites?  I have used a Cushcraft 5/5
dualband yagi before with good results.

I hope in another year or so to have the parent's estate finally settled
and money for a real satellite station again, but am hoping this will do in
the meantime. Anyone else tried a yagi this size?

73 John AF5CC

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