[amsat-bb] Trak Boxes.

Tom Lubbers K8TL k8tl at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 28 19:10:35 UTC 2017

Now that I have managed to convert to the LVB tracker I find myself with two Trak Boxes.  If any one is interested in giving them a home other than on my "I'm not using this any more shelf"  e-mail me.

Never could get the LVB to work with the suggested Yaesu GS-230 selection.  Always got a note saying TLE-new.exe not found.  However did get it to run almost perfectly when I selected Saebert box.  I did the calibration procedure several times. However when I selett 179 degrees it comes up short about 30 degrees.  By the time I get over to 270 it is correct.

Tom K8TL

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