[amsat-bb] Make Up Grid Expedition FN27 + FN28

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Mon Jan 23 19:16:40 UTC 2017

Technical difficulties prevented me from reaching FN27 in my recent grid 
expedition.  It's time to correct that situation. February 20th is a 
statutory holiday in Canada, so I'm going to tack on a few vacation days 
and return to FN27.

As it turns out, there's a small sawmill town further up the road and 
just south of the FN28 boundary!  The plan as of today's will be to haul 
a$$ from home to Mont-Laurier QC (FN26gn) on Friday Feb 17th, then head 
into FN27 and FN28 on Saturday.  Spend the night in Parent QC, (FN27qw) 
and operate a little more from both grids on Sunday morning.  Sunday 
night in will be spent in Ottawa, ON and return to base on Monday.

My objective is to make up for missing FN27 and to activate FN28 because 
it's possible.  Operation from other grids will only take place in the 
evenings, when I arrive at my hotel.  It's not very ambitious as far as 
activating new grids is concerned (although they are high quality 
grids!), but there's a lot of driving involved to get there and back; 
nearly 2,000 km (approx 1,200 mi) of driving in only 3 days.

That said, if anyone has the time and thinks they could put up with me, 
I would be very happy to have a co-pilot to share the driving and modest 
expenses with.  The Quebec countryside is very beautiful and the people 
are warm and friendly.

Please contact me privately if you're up for a mini-adventure in 
February.  More details as we get closer to the date.



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