[amsat-bb] Cubesats launch and IDs

Nico Janssen hamsat at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 20 15:03:03 UTC 2017


Last Monday 2017-01-16 six cubesats were launched from the Japanese
Kibo module of the ISS, using the J-SSOD cubesat deployer.

ITF 2, Waseda-sat 3 and Freedom were deployed at 09:10 UTC. EGG was
deployed at 09:20 UTC. AOBA-Velox 3 was deployed at 10:40 UTC. TUPOD
was deployed at 10:50 UTC.

The JSpOC published the first TLE sets two days after the launch and
assigned preliminary IDs to the new cubesats. Detailed doppler
measurements show that some of these IDs are not correct:
    ITF 2 is object 41932, 1998-067KU
    AOBA-Velox 3 is object 41935, 1998-067KX
    TUPOD is object 41931, 1998-067KT.

Around 22:00 UTC on 2017-01-19 the first ever Tubesats were deployed into
orbit from the cubesat TUPOD, i.e. Tancredo 1 (Brazil) and OSNSAT (USA).
Tancredo 1 is still close to TUPOD, so for the time being TUPOD's TLE set
can be used to track this Tubesat.


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