[amsat-bb] IC-9100 and SATPC32

mbdittmar at comcast.net mbdittmar at comcast.net
Fri Jan 13 17:36:32 UTC 2017


I know this has been asked before on this list, as I have searched the archives, but I have been unable to find a solution to the problem after several hours of messing with it. Specifically, getting SATPC32 to "talk" via USB port with IC-9100. I am referring to the latest version of SATPC32 downloaded from DK1TB's web site as of yesterday afternoon. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit. 

1) Correct USB drivers for the Ic9100 have been installed and they do work with other software ( I've used the 9100 with FLDIGI ). The two SiLab USB ports of the 9100 show up as ports 14 and 13. In the radio control menu I have selected IC9100, baud 19200, port 13 ( to correspond with USB1 of the IC9100 ) and all four addresses are $60 ( I changed my 9100s CIV address from $7C to $60, as SATPC32 would not allow me to "store" $7C addresses ( It gives me an error when storing ). $60 comes up as a default in the software, however, so I just switched the radio to that. I verified the radio's baud rate is set to 19200. 

2) I closed the software using the "File" and "Quit" menu selection. 
3) re-started software. enabled CAT control ( C+). Enabled VFO control ( V+ ). No action whatsoever when using the up/down VFO control in the software. Can't find any evidence that the software sees the radio. 
4) Tried closing the software, power cycling the radio, and re-opening software. No change. 
5) I verified all of the following from the archives ( except for address of $7C as noted above ), as written by Stefan VE4NSA: 
A few things:

1. In SatPC32 under Radio Setup you do not need any of the serial port
settings like RTS, DTR etc. Don't check them.
2. Make sure radio and software have the same baudrate
3. Make sure all four addresses (Icom) are set to $7C. Use the upper arrow
keys to change and set both of the lower windows. Check the box "Addresses
OK" to set the upper window. All four addresses need to be $7C.
4. Store the setting and restart the software.
5. Make sure C+ (Cat Control) is enabled).
6. Go to CAT (Cat Tuning) and set the Interval for SSB/CW and FM/PKT to
zero and click "Store" for both and select "Continue".
7. Restart the software.


1.You installed the Silabs drivers for the Icom USB driver *BEFORE* you
connected the radio and turned it on.
2. You verified in Windows, System Properties, Device Manager that you have
2 com ports (CP210x...) and you use the lower one for SatPC32. 

Any ideas what I might be missing here ?  Thanks for any advice ! 


Mark AB0CW 

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