[amsat-bb] IC 910H issues

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Mon Jan 9 05:15:28 UTC 2017

Radio 1:  Icom, model IC-910H, COM port 6, CAT delay 70.  Baud rate 9600, 
address $60, $60, $60, $60.  Satellite mode checked, others not checked. 
Radio 2 not set.  I am using the West Mountain Radio Rig Talk USB dongle to 
interface to the radio.

I occasionally see the situation you describe where the bands are reversed 
when first connecting to the radio, but un-clicking and re-clicking on the 
"C" option corrects it.  Otherwise, mine works flawlessly.

George, KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] IC 910H issues

> Hello All
> I recently swapped from FT847 to IC910H. I am using SAT 32 with little 
> success. Some of the issues are:
> It appears that after a bit of idle monitoring( waiting for the next sat 
> pass) the 910 looses communications with SAT 32.
> When a sat pass is activated the uplink and downlink and associated modes 
> are reversed from what is displayed in SAT 32.
> can anyone relay their settings for sat 32 and the 910. maybe I can find 
> what is configured incorrectly!
> ThanksJim KI6WJ DM09

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