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skristof at etczone.com skristof at etczone.com
Mon Jan 9 02:03:27 UTC 2017

Thanks to all who replied. I have a tendency to try the most frugal
(i.e. cheapest) methods to do things so I'm using an RTL-SDR with SDR#
software. I use the VB virtual audio cable to connect the SDR# to
FoxTelem. As I mentioned, this has worked wonderfully in the past, just
not lately. I did check the AGC on SDR#, and it is not enabled. 

The only filtering that is occurring that I can see is the low pass
filtering in FoxTelem. 

My gut feeling is that I'm going to have get on the roof this spring and
check out the antenna connection. The antenna is an M2 turnstile. Yes, I
know it's not the top choice, but, as I said, it worked pretty well a
couple of months ago. 

Steve AI9IN

On 2017-01-08 18:45, Alan wrote:

> Steve,
> Things seem about normal.  You can sometimes get periods when due to antenna alignment the signals are
> weaker than you would expect, but is usually something which only applies to a single pass.  Some
> things to check are the source gain, and also make certain that the AGC is not selected.  Many version
> of SDR# ago, I found that if the AGC was selected, it greatly reduced the data recovery on AO-85.
> Haven't checked lately.
> 73s,
> Alan
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> <I just tried to get telemetry from AO-85. The pass had max elevation of
> <76 degrees here. In the past I would get lots of data on a pass like
> <this, but lately I've been getting nothing. I can see the signal on the
> <"waterfall" (using SDR#) but the signal is too weak to decode. Is anyone
> <else having this problem? Is the signal normally low when the northern
> <hemisphere is dark? What's happening?
> <
> <I've asked this before and didn't get any responses. Please send a
> <couple of responses so I have some idea if there is some problem in my
> <set up here.
> <
> <Thanks!
> <
> <Steve AI9IN
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