[amsat-bb] BY70-1 Observation & Question

Mac A. Cody maccody at att.net
Tue Jan 3 05:10:19 UTC 2017

Hi Scott,

I can't speak for John K8YSE either, although he does very good at
getting into the birds.  One thing that does help is that he has
two stations, K8YSE in EN91 and K8YSE/7 in DM43, which he operates
remotely.  I actually listened to him work BY70-1 and SO-50 from
both stations on a single pass.  Can't speak to the TX power or
antenna configuration he has.

I have been pretty successful with getting into BY70-1 with the
7W TX power on my satellite 'battle station'.  There are a couple
of things to keep in mind regarding working BY70-1:

1) The TLEs of BY70-1 are changing rapidly, so it is advised to use
the TLEs provided through Celestrak New Launches.

2) The low perigee of its orbits makes for wickedly fast passes.  I
just worked one that was 8 minutes long.  I worked one a few days
ago that passed almost directly overhead and was a little over 6
minutes.  Antenna pointing agility/accuracy are important.

3) It has been stated that BY70-1 has a narrow RX bandwidth.
Therefore, it is necessary to adjust your TX frequency often to get
in.  On 12/29/2016, I posted a suggested frequency list for use with
channelized radios that I have found to work well from my own

Hope this helps.

Mac Cody / AE5PH

P.S. We had a QSO back on 12/22, so I recognized your call sign.

On 01/02/2017 10:13 PM, Scott wrote:
> Happy New Year to everyone.
> So for the second evening in a row, as I monitored BY70-1 for telemetry packets, I noticed performance on the FM voice transponder that prompts me to ask a question.
> Specifically, I hear K8YSE getting into the satellite with a crystal clearness that you would expect from a simplex QSO with someone in your front yard.  Unfortunately, he’s been by himself for the most part... a station or two might try to get in but you just get fragments or a lot of static.
> As a novice, should that make me think that this satellite requires a lot of ERP to get into cleanly?  Or maybe with the TLE’s changing so rapidly, is this sat just more difficult to track than the others?
> One other variable tonight is the weather; I suppose anyone using a hand-held antenna who normally works outside might be off the air because of all the rain in parts of the country right now.  Maybe it’s just a lot of football on TV!
> I know that any answer might be speculation, but when I hear something happen on the air repeatedly it makes me want to see if I can learn the cause (or possible causes).
> Thanks!
> -Scott,  K4KDR
> Montpelier, VA
> twitter:  @scott23192
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