[amsat-bb] Finding my uplink on SSB birds

Mike Thompson zryder94 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 14:31:27 UTC 2017

Good morning all.
as some of you may remember, I am recently returning to satellites, and I
want to make sure I am doing this properly.

I will eventually have a pair of eggbeater antennas on the roof, (no room
for yagi's on this rental property) but for now, I am operating only with a
collinear vertical.

I have a TS-2000, and SatPC32.
Thanks to other ham's, I have the satellite's "nominal" transponder
frequencies in my doppler.sqf file, but I have found that I have a hard
time hearing myself on the downlink.
SatPC32 control's both the uplink and downlink frequencies, and it seems to
track perfectly fine with VFO changes on the downlink, and set's the uplink
to the appropriate match, but when I use my RIT knob on the TS-2000 to
change the uplink frequency offset, SatPC32 overwrites it.

What do you guys find is the quickest and easiest method for finding your

Thank you!

Mike, AE0MT.

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