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Wed Feb 22 02:38:35 UTC 2017

Hi Bob- 

I've been watching many of the passes of NO-84 this last month. I didn't realize that its high spin rate may be some of the issues I'm having with it. I basically can't get reasonably consistent reception long enough to possibly complete a QSO ! I've been able to copy my own downlink OK at times and using DopplerPSK with no issue. And I have copied your call a number of times. 

Does NO-84 go into a "low-power" mode when it is in eclipse ? 

My antenna is limited to an "Alaskan Arrow" which is rotor mounted on my roof and tracks the satellite. Using an IC9100 and an inverted L for the uplink antenna. 

Hopefully condx will improve, as this is a very interesting satellite ! 
Someday perhaps we can have a regular QSO on NO-84 - 

73 Mark AB0CW 

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It looks like the spin rate of NO-84 has slowed down to where it is 
somewhat easier to copy the PSK-31 signals. Now only if 10 meters 
conditions improved a bit more, things could return to the "good ol'e days". 

Recently I have seen / worked a couple of new calls on the satellite. 

I would like to welcome WB9SBD and AB0CW to my NO-84 PSAT log book, 
joining the regulars, WN9M and KC9ELU. 


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