[amsat-bb] Automated reception of AO-73, UKUBE-1 & Nayif-1?

Graham Shirville g.shirville at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 21 17:43:14 UTC 2017

Hi Dave,

The situation is as follows:

All Dashboards will track and decode tlm from any of FUNcube-1, UKube and 
Nayif1. They will also, without the operator having to take any particular 
action, upload that data correctly to the data warehouses and these uploads 
will be correctly recorded on the "Upload Ranking" tab. The use of the 
"wrong" Dashboard when uploading data to the Warehouse causes the no 

Although the FUNcube dashboard will display data from the other two 
spacecraft, and vice versa,  much of the data is invalid as the tlm 
sequences and some of the formats are different between the various 

We are presently working on two Dashboard upgrades:

A) creating a "Display the tlm ONLY from the satellite specific to the 
particular Dashboard in use" tickbox to select. This will mean that, for 
instance, the FUNcube-1 dashboard will not display or store Nayif-1 data. 
This will ensure that all the graphs etc only relate to FUNcube-1. Again 
thsi would not stop the software decoding tlm from one of the other 
spacecraft and forwarding it to the Data Warehouse.

B) creating a single Dashboard which combines all the existing ones into one 
"unified" version.

We cannot at this time confirm when either of these "upgrades" will be 
available but we appreciate their importance.....

Thanks for all your support



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Subject: [amsat-bb] Automated reception of AO-73, UKUBE-1 & Nayif-1?

Did I read somewhere that all 3 birds, AO-73, UKUBE-1 & Nayif-1 can be
decoded on the same dashboard software and the uploads will route themselves

I have to leave my station automated & at present it's either AO-73 &
UKUBE-1 (using the same dashboard) or Nayif-1 on its own dashboard.

I want to support all 3 birds with telemetry reception & upload but don't
want to "dump" incorrect data on the wrong server.

Can anyone please clarify the situation & if there is any workaround if a
common dashboard can't be used.

I use a FCD & SatPC32.


Dave (M0SAT)

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