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Similarly, I use LMR-400 Ultra-Flex from pre-amp to antenna with good 
results so far.

-Scott,  K4KDR


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What I did was to use LMR-400 from my radio up to the mast mounted preamp. 
>From the preamp there is a 5 ft piece of LMR240UF (ultra flex). 240 is a 
high quality thin coax and the "UF" (ultra flex) classification makes it 
perfect for bending and twisting as my rotor turns.
If you aren't ready for preamps, then you could use a barrel to join the 
cables at that point until you find out that you really do need preamps for 
a good install. Michael Vivona

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Hello everyone. I just purchased a M2 leopack antenna system and I was 
reading about different coax cables to use for low loss. Since I am mounting 
the antenna only about 10 feet off the ground, 50 foot will be enough to go 
into the shack. I wanted to purchase RG8x but read that the best way to go 
is with LMR400. What I dislike about it is that its much wider and very 
stiff, and will make it difficult around bends. I also have the Az/alt 
rotator which I will have to loop each antenna to have enough for turns. Any 
other suggestions out there for an alternative to LMR-400?Thanks Frank 

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