[amsat-bb] FN27/28 Expedition This Weekend - Schedule

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Fri Feb 17 02:28:08 UTC 2017

Hi Folks!

Following is my schedule for the weekend.  As I mentioned on Twitter, I 
do pay attention to the "grids worked" maps you have on your QRZ web 
pages.  As a result I am making a special detour to make FN17 available 
to a few who need it.  A few of you even e-mailed me your maps.  That's 
fine too!  Send them to the e-mail address on my QRZ page.

A few notes:

-  The weather forecast looks promising!  I'm not likely to freeze or 
get buried in snow as long as I can keep the car on the road!
-  I have a long drive to FN27/28 on Saturday morning.  Forgive me if I 
miss the first pass.
-  I will do my best to operate from the FN27/28 boundary, conditions 
permitting.  If it's not safe then I'll have to do them separately.  I 
don't know if I have cell service there. I'll announce where I will be 
if there is.
-  There are a few XW-xx "freight trains" in the schedule. We'll see how 
agile I can be!  I'll try and keep up!
-  The usual disclaimers regarding obstacles like trees and geography 
that may block my signal.  I may pack up early if there's no activity 
and I get bored.  Get in there and work me. Snoozing = Losing

Once you work me, please stand aside on subsequent passes and let others 
who need the new grid work me.  I'll work you just to get you out of the 
way if you insist on being a pest, but I might forget to log you! :-)  
If you want to make a quick call and say hello then please wait until 
things quiet down and you hear me calling CQ.


Ken Alexander

  Friday Evening FN25
  17.02.2017  AO-73    01:10
  17.02.2017  FO-29    02:25
  17.02.2017  BY70-1   03:26
  17.02.2017  EO-79    03:57
  17.02.2017  FO-29    04:09

  Saturday Afternoon FN27/28
  18.02.2017  EO-79    16:39
  18.02.2017  FO-29    17:02
  18.02.2017  AO-07    17:23
  18.02.2017  AO-85    18:30
  18.02.2017  AO-07    19:13
  18.02.2017  AO-85    20:10
  18.02.2017  AO-07    21:08
  18.02.2017  XW-2D    21:34
  18.02.2017  XW-2F    21:35
  18.02.2017  XW-2B    21:39
  18.02.2017  XW-2C    21:47
  18.02.2017  XW-2A    22:37
  18.02.2017  XW-2D    23:09
  18.02.2017  XW-2F    23:09
  18.02.2017  XW-2B    23:14
  18.02.2017  XW-2C    23:23

  Saturday Evening FN27/28
  19.02.2017  XW-2A    00:10
  19.02.2017  AO-73    00:13
  19.02.2017  AO-73    01:49
  19.02.2017  FO-29    02:19

  Sunday Morning FN17
  19.02.2017  AO-07    18:14
  19.02.2017  AO-85    18:55
  19.02.2017  AO-07    20:06
  19.02.2017  AO-85    20:36
  19.02.2017  XW-2D    21:22
  19.02.2017  XW-2F    21:22
  19.02.2017  XW-2B    21:27
  19.02.2017  XW-2C    21:35

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