[amsat-bb] Any current 2 meter usage by ISS?

Philip Jenkins n4hf.philip at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 14:53:09 UTC 2017

I'm one of the instructors for a Technician class course; I'll be teaching
the specialized communication section (e.g. satellites, EME, APRS,
fox-hunting) among other topics.

I'd like to give those students who are already interested sat comms enough
info so that they can start listening to ISS and the FM sats NOW; the
specialized comms topic doesn't come up until a little more than midway
through the course.

As a teaser, I plan to give them the downlink frequencies from ISS and FM
sats, explain tuning for doppler a little, and show them how to use the
Pass Predictions page on AMSAT.ORG.

I know that ISS packet is  currently only on UHF (not VHF), but is the 2
meter voice frequency of 145.800 being used, either for random contacts by
the astronauts, or for school contacts?

None of them currently have packet/APRS gear,  so I'm focusing only on
voice contacts at least until the class ends (but I'll mention both of
those when I do my more lengthy presentation in about a month).

So, in short, my question is - is 2 meters being used at all right now for
voice from ISS? If not, are random contacts being made on a UHF frequency?
(I don't see a UHF voice downlink frequency listed in the 2016 "Getting
Started with Amateur Satellites" book.)


Philip N4HF

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