[amsat-bb] Grid Activations 2/12-3/4

R.T.Liddy k8bl at ameritech.net
Mon Feb 13 16:48:01 UTC 2017

Hi Sean,
I'm getting a lot of requests for various Grids down herewhile snowbirding - HIHI.  My plan is to mesh the passinfo with the Family skeds and publish a plan. I'll be hereuntil 3/4, so there will be plenty of opportunities. Therewill be a couple days notice each time.
73,    Bob  K8BL/5   (EM20vg)
(Near EL29, 39,EM20/21/30/31)

      From: Sean K. <kx9x at yahoo.com>
 To: R.T.Liddy <k8bl at ameritech.net> 
 Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 8:03 PM
 Subject: Re: [Starcom-bb] Grid Activations 2/12-3/4
Hi Bob-
I need all grids in that area except EL30 and EL40. Will look for you on daylight passes of SO50 and FO29. 
Thanks for your efforts! Sean Kutzko Amateur Radio KX9X

      From: R.T.Liddy <k8bl at ameritech.net>
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 Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 5:11 PM
 Subject: [Starcom-bb] Grid Activations 2/12-3/4
February is when the XYL and I do the snowbird thing from Ohio
and stay with our Daughter's Family in SE Texas. Not willing to
give up Ham Radio during that time, I bring my SAT gear with me
and activate nearby Grids.

The activations would all be during daylight hours and probably just
on FO29 & SO50. I get very nervous doing things at night that people
don't understand!

If you want to schedule something between now and 3/4, let me know.

73,    Bob  K8BL/5

P.S.  See my QRZ.com page for QSL info.



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