[amsat-bb] Helical Antenna for 2-meters

Dave Mann cwo4mann at comcast.net
Sun Feb 5 15:06:03 UTC 2017

I just did some calculations from the ARRL Antenna Handbook.  I came up with a 6-turn helical with a diameter of 25.826" and a length of 121.65".   My first thought was "whoa, dude, like OMG!" (I'm a high school teacher, ok?)   I rechecked my calculations and came up with same, plus an impedance of 150 ohms.

Years ago I used a Fritzel Helical for 2m when I was DA1BB and VP2EHF (during Hurricane Luis in 1994 it ended up someplace out in the Anagada Straights between Anguilla and Sombrero Island).

What say, you all?   Advice, comments welcomed

Dave, N4CVX

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