[amsat-bb] VE3HLS Christmas Rove Schedule

Ken Alexander k.alexander at rogers.com
Thu Dec 28 00:09:06 UTC 2017

Forgot to post this here.  My mistake!
This is the full schedule, which begins tomorrow (Dec 28th) afternoon.  See notes following the schedule.
Meductic, NB  FN65  Thursday Afternoon/Evening 28.12.2017  CAS-4B 21:46 EU 28.12.2017  XW-2B  23:21 28.12.2017  AO-73  23:55 29.12.2017  XW-2A  00:35 29.12.2017  SO-50  00:51 29.12.2017  CAS-4B 01:06 29.12.2017  AO-73  01:34 29.12.2017  FO-29  02:31
Meductic, NB  FN65  Friday Morning 29.12.2017  FO-29  12:42 CA 29.12.2017  AO-73  13:16 29.12.2017  XW-2A  13:25 29.12.2017  AO-07  14:18 EU 29.12.2017  FO-29  14:33 CA
Metis-sur-Mer, QC  FN58/68 Friday Afternoon/Evening 29.12.2017  XW-2B  23:08 29.12.2017  CAS-4B 23:16 29.12.2017  SO-50  23:35 29.12.2017  FO-29  23:50 EU 30.12.2017  CAS-4B 00:56 CA 30.12.2017  SO-50  01:16 30.12.2017  FO-29  01:35 30.12.2017  AO-73  01:54 CA 30.12.2017  CAS-4B 02:37 CA
Warwick, QC  FN35/45 Saturday afternoon Dec 30th 30.12.2017  AO-07  20:39 CA 30.12.2017  CAS-4B 21:26 EU 30.12.2017  SO-50  22:20 BC/EU 30.12.2017  CAS-4B 23:06 CA
 BC - Pass favours British Columbia EU - Pass favours Europe CA - Pass favours U.S. west coast
- I've had a few people ask about FN66.  My "mission" is to make sure NP4JV gets FN65 to complete his 488.  If we accomplish that on one of the Thursday afternoon passes, then I will use some or all of the Friday morning FN65 passes to operate from FN66 instead.
- As I stated above, the purpose of my trip to FN65 is to make sure Fernando gets it for the FFMA.  You can help too.  If you hear NP4JV calling me, or hear me calling him, please kindly wait while we complete this important QSO.  After that I'll take as many callers as I can.  The quieter it is, the quicker we can get this done.  Thanks in advance!
- K4FEG told me he needs FN68, so I'm going there.  I don't know of anyone else who has this in their log, so it should be fun!
- K6FW needs FN35/45, so I'm making a stop there for a few passes on my return trip.
- See what happens when you post your grid maps and send your requests to me?

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