[amsat-bb] ISS APRS

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 22:38:38 UTC 2017

I have kept the volume up on the radio during all the passes that I've
attempted and heard zero.  No packet-sounding data bursts nor any sound of
anything to indicate that there was a radio transmitting at all.

-Scott,  K4KDR


On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 3:15 PM, Roy Dean <royldean at gmail.com> wrote:

> Word on the street is that the digipeater is indeed switched on, but is
> just not working.   I have not yet had an opportunity to set up and listen
> for it to see if it's off completely, or if the packets are just so bad as
> to be un-decodable by any software.
> I can tell you that prior to being shut off the last time, the packets -
> while decodable - were drifting in frequency pretty noticeably.   There was
> a serious "slant" in the packets when viewed on a waterfall - and this was
> most definitely NOT due to doppler.   Yet my Kenwood and Direwolf had no
> problems decoding them.   I'm wondering if the digi is in fact beaconing
> and digipeating, but the packets are just so bad now that nothing can
> decode them?
> Interested to see if anybody has noticed anything at all (even if it was
> pure silence)?   Plenty of "not heard" reports on the Amsat status page - I
> assume those were more than just "nothing showed up on my satgate report
> and/or ariss.net".
> -Roy
> > No APRS through ISS for 21 days. Anybody have any hints as to when it
> > will be back up and running? Steve AI9IN

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