[amsat-bb] PCSat32 Frequency Calibration.

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Tue Dec 19 02:27:12 UTC 2017

You need to do it for each satellite.  And AO-73 drifts, so you'll do best
on that one by manual tuning each pass.

George, KA3HSW

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Group,  I spent most of my weekend working on my little SSB satellite
station.  I am now up and running using a FT-817 for uplink, SRDPlay with
SDR Console software for downlink, Arrow antenna, and PCSat32.  It was a
little bit of a struggle getting all communicating but I now have it
working, and even made some contacts on AO-7, and one of the XW-2 sats.
(thanks WU2M for working me on three different sats this weekend)   I am
having an issue with calibration on using PCSat32.  One of the passes this
weekend I noticed I was coming down about 800 - 1200 hz above the station I
was receiving, another time I was about that same amount below.  I read
through the help file for PCSat and the next pass I raised my uplink freq.
so it would lower my freq. in the downlink bandpass.  I also then had to put
in a correction for my downlink frequency.  After doing this, I was really
close to the zero beating the station I worked.   The next satellite I
tried, I was off again by 1000-1500 k!

Is this something I will have to do every pass, for every satellite, or will
this offset be saved in PCSat32 in the future passes.  Right now I am
running PCSat in Demo mode, and have paid for registration and waiting for
my key to be emailed.  Will things work better once I get it running as
registered copy?

Thank for your time and advice.

Jason Rearick

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