[amsat-bb] Satellite radio's query

Francis Geraci fgeraci14 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 16:59:03 UTC 2017

>From WB1FXX - Marathon, Fla.

In the past there had been a discussion about different satellite radio's,
who produces them and their availability.

I recently purchased a IC-9100 just for satellite operations. I have not
seen much discussion about this radio on the Amsat BB. I am curious why
this  radio has hardly been mentioned. It seems to be the perfect
replacement for my aging IC-821. Even has the "funny" little knobs, like
the 821, that control the RF power and mic gain. The IC-9100 has the look
and feel of a "real" radio.

Is it the price ?  $2100.00 USD ? Not the cheapest rig out there. The
IC-7610 is "flying" off the shelves at $3900.00 USD. Can't be about the
price !

Thanks for any comments - WB1FXX

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