[amsat-bb] A suggestion for ... Emergency Comms - 1200 bd 10m uplink.

JoAnne K9JKM joanne.k9jkm at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 19:24:38 UTC 2017

> 1200 baud AX.25 packet is legal uplink for PSAT's 28.120 USB uplink and
> 435.350 downlink (unless I misread the rules).  SO I will say that such
> experiments are welcome on PSAT as long as there is little to no other
> PSK31 activity

Winter has set in for Chicago before I had a chance to get an antenna put up
for 28.120 MHz. But I've been occasionally monitoring the 435.350 MHz
downlink. PSAT's PSK-31 beacon on the downlink is strong (a lot stronger
than the 145.825 downlink). 

I've been using FLDIGI (it's free) for receiving PSK-31 in my shack. Besides
the beacon there is plenty of empty bandwidth during a pass on the waterfall
display. Give 435.350 a listen to start getting used to the characteristics
of this satellite.

73 de JoAnne K9JKM
k9jkm at amsat.org

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