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Chris Bradley kg5jup at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 22:28:24 UTC 2017

My apologies for taking it to far over the last 24 or so hours.  I felt and
continue to feel like the operating suggestions were well written but to me
seemed a little like a rant from a serious DXer and seemed like it would
have been better served being written and posted when the author was not
complaining about the poor practices of others.  What made this matter
worse is when my opinion was immediately shouted down because I do t
operate the birdies.  When in fact I said early on in this thread that on
three occasions while still under my previous call sign KG5jUP (now AA5EM)
that I had went through the time and expense to make a contact on the birds
and was unsuccessful because of I am sure my nubbie-curve and the very
problem that the suggestions are aimed to relive

>From my perspective the
suggestions were written a little in favor of the DXers in our community
which would make sense considering the author is into this part of this
niche' hobby.  I will just be bold and say it. I mentioned a vote because
as an incorporated organization AMSAT allowing someone to post a set of
suggestions to their official site to the unknowing individual looks as if
it is the AMSAT way.  It was a matter of perception for me.  I admit, the
vote comment was actually dark sarcasm based on the goings on from the
previous string of messages that in my opinion were passive aggressive and
someone called the authors out on the matter.  When I said I didn't get a
vote I was being sarcastic about those operators who feel entitled and
superior to operators like myself who are not on the birds daily.  \

All of this went to far with Dave Swanson and his unabashedly rude comments
to and about me.  So for the record I do not think that Sean's suggestions
should have been arbitrarily posted to the AMSAT homepage because in my
humble opinion the suggestions offer my protectionism for dxers.  Though I
do agree that something needs to be done.  Amateur radio is supposed to be
a self governing  body because Lord knows we do not want the Federal
government regulating us.

Finally,  I have NOT worked a satellite and I am not in anyone's logs but
as a member of this organization I believe that EVERY MEMBER should have an
opinion and not shouted down by the dxers when they are questioned.  If
this is not the case then please by all means send my refund to my QTH
until such time please be kind to all and less like a bully.  IF there are
any questions please feel free to pose them I will never shout you down.

PS.  AMSAT was the first organization I joined after becoming a ham even
before my local ARC. At each ARC meeting I present AMSAT related news and
updates to the sigrin on the membership.  Their eyes roll at me and I still
present the latest I am proud to be a member of this group and had even
considered attempting to build local interest and start a net and/or a club
locally.  I am a disabled veteran (still working full time but barely) and
my wife is extremely illl as she needs a kidney transplant so for now I am
not "active' but I volunteer for the ANS to help do my part and learn from
you all.

Thank you,


Chris Bradley

Christopher R. Bradley, M. Ed MS IT

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