[amsat-bb] FM Satellites: Good Operating Practices for Beginning and Experienced Operators

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Thanks for the good words about the reality of SAT operations. 

Apparently, some people do not appreciate DX and/or Roving 
or Gridding QSOs on our Satellites. They don't realize or care 
that there is a LOT of time and expense involved with providing 
these contacts for other SAT users from rare locations. 

Amazingly, it seems that some of the vocal folks are objecting 
to being reminded to use courtesy when the resources are busy 
with highly sought stations. There are very many SAT passes that 
are not busy at all. Is it that inconvenient to use those passes? 

Even more amazing is that it has been pointed out that some of 
the objectors haven't been actual users of the Satellites. One would 
wonder why they are voicing objections in the first place. 

Our hobby often has a problem getting folks to volunteer to do 
some of the needed tasks that we all would benefit from. Then, when 
someone steps forward to help with a needed task (writing an Operating 
Practice) there are folks that do nothing but complain about what that 
volunteer actually does! Go figure!!! 

73 & Merry Christmas to ALL!!!  de Bob K8BL  (AMSAT #6593) 

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I ask you the same question I asked another earlier in this thread: Do you

actually operate on the Amateur Satellites? I have checked my logs, and I

don't see you in them with your KG5JUP or your AA5EM call sign. Not saying

it's possible I could have missed you, but 5000 logged AMSAT QSOs since

2014 and you're not in them makes a fairly compelling case. Sean is not

trying pass a law by tyrannical decree here, he is an active operator who

has made a lot of contacts and been on both the chasing side and the DX

side of the QSO. He made a list of suggested guidelines based on his (and

other active ops) experiences, and he did a bang up job with it too.  If

that rustles your jimmies too much, then maybe you should re-evaluate what

you're expecting by belonging to an organization like AMSAT.

Also - for those that have been around since before AO-91 - please go back

and reference the K0D operation I did with AC0RA last month. We activated

20 rares grids thru the Western Dakotas in 3 days. We only got on 3 FM

passes the entire trip. I got a lot of flack from FM only operators for

avoiding the repeater birds - but this thread is proof positive of exactly

why we did it that way. If folks get upset over asking for some courtesy

towards the rovers out there busting their tail off, that's fine. I for one

am done chasing grids now that I've got my 488 confirmed - and plan to put

some serious effort into roving the next few years. I'm happy to stick to

the linear birds only when on the road, if treating AO91 "like the extra

class" causes people to go to their safe spaces.

-Dave, KG5CCI


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> I am a little disturbed that these ideas were just published no vote not

> input.  I am a paying member I had no input.  Honest feel like a handful of

> individuals who want to treat the birds like the extra class band when

> convent and whine when they don't get their way.


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