[amsat-bb] Behavior on FM Satellites

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Mon Dec 11 13:20:17 UTC 2017

I'll probably be sorry to get myself involved in this morass, but I think
it is worth saying/repeating:  Many operators are in QRZ.  If you think
they are behaving inappropriately why not send them a note rather than
calling out individuals on the bb?  I know one of the operators mentioned
here and I did in fact send him a note.  He had not received anything from
anyone previously.  He was apologetic and unaware of his transgressions,
and also unaware of the bulletin board so he had not seen this
conversation.  In addition, I know him to be a good guy and generally a
good operator on DX and a good contester and thus normally aware of rare
grids etc.

My points are:  1) Good people make mistakes. 2) Good operators are happy
to be corrected. 3) Calling out on a particular social medium does not
always reach the person in question.  Why not assume they are of good faith
and try to make a friendly personal connection?

Back to lurk mode---73,

Burns W2BFJ

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