[amsat-bb] High Speed Telemetry, SDR#, and RTS/SDR

Scott scott23192 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 00:22:20 UTC 2017

Hey Fred!

At https://www.amsat.org/getting-ready-for-radfxsat-fox-1b/ there's a
comment that indicates that all the telemetry from AO-91 will be of the
"low speed" variety:

Satellite and experiment telemetry will be downlinked via the “DUV”
subaudible telemetry stream

... also, on the telemetry page (
http://www.amsat.org/tlm/leaderboard.php?id=2&db=FOXDB), as of now anyway,
no 9k6 packets have been received by anyone.


-Scott,  K4KDR


On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 3:42 PM, Fred Castello <fredcastello at gmail.com>

> Is anyone using this particular combination with the Fox 1 Telemetry
> Analysis Tool?  Today on one of my good passes with AO-91 I believe it was
> transmitting high speed telemetry and it seemed no matter what combination
> I used, I could not get the tool to decode the high speed telemetry.  I
> have no problem with the low speed Data Under Voice with this combination.
> I have always assumed that the high speed telemetry is on the same
> frequency as voice and low speed DUV.  I would appreciate any thoughts
> anyone has as usual.
> Best Regards,
> Fred – KF4FC

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