[amsat-bb] Behavior on FM Satellites

Ron sieloff rsieloff at icloud.com
Sun Dec 10 20:59:36 UTC 2017

I haven’t been on the birds in a week or so, so I know I haven’t been causing grief.  Thank goodness.

I am new to satellites.  I thought your email was very informative and educational.  As a newbie, I have been just happy successfully copying a rapid fire call sign in my head and being a newbie, not paying attention to the grids (as frankly I need most of them anyway).   Your note will help me think about the grids more and give an ear to the rare ones.  Only running 5w and normally just getting trampled on by the higher power guys.  Have also noted a few that do hog the satellite by ending a QSO with a new QC and repeating it over and over during the pass.  They dont even give others the chance to call them.  I do agree we could do more to share the birds a bit better than we do.

Thanks again and best wishes for Christmas


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