[amsat-bb] Help with Yaesu FT-736r

John Brier johnbrier at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 21:11:09 UTC 2017

This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I was reading the Mac Doppler
manual today trying to figure out something unrelated, and it
mentioned the FT-736R had a problem related to CAT mode. Here is the
text from the manual, perhaps it is relevant:

"Due to a problem with the FT-736R (see note in FT-736R manual page 36
bottom left) you may have to take MacDoppler out of CAT mode, press
the REV key on the FT-736R front panel, and return to CAT mode when
switching between mode U/V and V/U in Full Duplex, for example:
switching from FO-20 to AO-10 and back. The SAT switch must be in one
of the full duplex positions for this to work. Alternately, you could
take MacDoppler out of CAT mode, use the VFO buttons to switch from
U/V to V/U, and then turn CAT mode back on - this will only work if
you have one VFO set to U/V and the other VFO set to V/U. If you have
other modules installed in the FT- 736R, you can set the
'BetweenPasses' frequencies in the modes editor to something these
other modules can tune and that way allow switching from U to V and V
to U automatically when the satellite changes. It does this to avoid
trying to set VFO A and B to the same band. The FT-847, as originally
delivered (before sn 8G052xxx), could not poll the radio for frequency
and mode information. This was added beginning with the 8G05
production runs."

- https://www.dogparksoftware.com/MacDopplerManual.pdf

73, John Brier KG4AKV

On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 2:17 PM, KD4ZGW <kd4zgw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can anyone help me get my Yaesu FT-736R to run on SatPC32?  I bought a cable
> that will link the radio to the pc (via USB). But all it does is
> automatically puts the radio in "CAT mode" and doesn't change frequencies,
> when I shut it down, my radio is locked up and have to power cycle to get it
> out of CAT mode. What settings do I need to change in SatPC32?
> I have been working on this for months to figure it out, I want to get back
> on birds. I am getting a little frustrated with this radio.
> Thanks for any advice
> 73 de Rob KD4ZGW
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