[amsat-bb] Yaesu FT-736R versus newer transceivers

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Sat Apr 29 23:28:34 UTC 2017

The Yaesu 736R was my first satellite radio in 1993. Bought it new. I 
must have had a lemon as it lost the finals twice. Went back to the 
factory the first time, got it back and plugged in. Before I even had a 
chance to enter any frequency on the dial, there was smoke coming out of 
the top of the radio. Back it when to Yaesu. Yaesu took it back, 
refunded my money and I bought the Icom (I think 710) on the market back 
then. Forget the model number, but it was a huge radio.

Anyhow... one of the problems I found with the 736R was the power meter. 
It did not represent anything other than the position of the knob. 
Instead of indicating what was going out the back door, the meter showed 
where the knob was positioned. I had the radio out at field day the very 
first time in 1993 after using it at home for several months and we 
could not make one contact. I knew how to operate the satellites and 
knew what I was doing. After an evening of trying, we hooked an SWR 
meter to the output and found there was nothing going out even though 
the power meter consistently showed anywhere from full power to low 
power as the power knob was turned. That is when I sent the radio in the 
first time.

I did not like that design for the power meter. Have no idea if other 
manufacturer's do the same thing but it is kinda dumb although easier 
than measuring the output power.

I have known many hams that have used the 736R and still use it and have 
no problems. Just my experience.


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