[amsat-bb] Yaesu FT-736R versus newer transceivers

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I had a 736R and used it well. But I was unable to find a 6M module for it. I went to a new QTH, purchased a 756PRO, so I had 6M, and decided I wanted an upgrade so I purchased an IC-810H. A great radio but then I decided I might want to do 1200 MHz, so the 910H came into my life. It has newer bells & whistles, some I appreciate, but I am in a low noise area, well it used to be but many of the homes are now emitters, and the 736R would have worked well. Probably not now.
If I had infinite bench space, a 736R would be in the shack. ---  
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Hi Dave.

The FT736R receiver sensitivity is limited by its noise figure, which is about 4 or 5dB at best.
 By the time you add on a little coax loss you have a receiver which struggles to compete with modern sets.

However, having said that the radio is loved by many as a simple receive (masthead) preamp powered directly from the radio can transform its sensitivity. It is still used by many for EME 
Contesters also like this radio but frequently replace the internal LNA and mixer with one produced by Mutek.


I have one here and still use it. No front end replacement, but a masthead preamp does work wonders.

David  G0MRF

Please help me out with critical comments about receiver sensitivity vis-a-vis the venerable FT-736R and latest 2-m/70-cm all-mode transceivers best suited for AMSAT work.

Thanks in advance,
Dave N4CVX 
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