[amsat-bb] Grid Expedition To Guatemala

David Maciel (XE3DX) david.xe3dx at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 01:19:42 UTC 2017

Hello guys, as I said a few weeks ago, tomorrow I will be in Guatemala, try
to make a work plan but it is very difficult, I will be in a country that I
do not know the travel times and I can not know what grid will activate,
the best detail I will have it in my twitter account @ xe3dx, this will
depend on the telephone network and its coverage, I do not know if this can
be updated correctly.

Possible to listen to requests for SKED twitter @xe3dx email
david.xe3dx at gmail.com

The passes I'm going to try to work on are:


TG4/XE3DX   EK43

TG8/XE3DX   EK45

FO29   15:03Z work
FO29   16:45Z work
AO85   18.08z work
AO7     20:00Z try or sked
AO7     21:51Z try or sked
SO50   22:53Z work
XW2D  23:21Z try or sked
XW2B  23:29Z try or sked
XW2A  01:13Z try or sked
FO29   04:10Z work
AO85   04:35Z work


FO29   15:51Z work
AO85   16:54Z work
AO85   18:34Z work
AO7     20:53Z try or sked
SO50   21:38Z work
AO7     22:46Z try or sked
SO50   23:18Z work
XW2C  23:30Z try or sked
XW2A  00:37Z try or sked
FO29   03:15Z work


SO50   11:39Z work
XW2A  13:37Z work
FO29   14:58Z work
FO29   16:42Z try or sked
AO85   17:18Z work
AO7     19:54Z try or sked
AO7     21:44Z try or sked
SO50   22:02Z work
XW2B  23:03Z try or sked
XW2C  23:16Z try or sked
XW2A  01:35Z try or sked
AO85   03:40Z work
FO29   23:02Z work

TG7/XE3DX  EK56 or EK57

XW2A  13:10Z work
FO29   15:45Z work
AO85   16:04Z work
AO85   17:43Z work
SO50   20:48Z work
SO50   22:28Z work
AO7     22:38Z try or sked
XW2B  00:25Z try or sked
XW2C  00:37Z try or sked
XW2A  01:01Z try or sked
FO29   03:09Z work
AO85   04:08Z work
FO29   04:54Z work

 All confirmations will be available via LoTW or direct, review data on my
QRZ.COM website

Very Important: upload your Log to LoTW with the prefix that you work for
me, example:

   TG? / XE3DX.

David Maciel XE3DX

*http://www.qsl.net/xe3dx/ <http://www.qsl.net/xe3dx/>*

*david.xe3dx at gmail.com <david.xe3dx at gmail.com>*

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