[amsat-bb] Handheld radio and headset interface

Mike Thompson zryder94 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 14:15:08 UTC 2017

Thought I would pass something along to the group, and see if anyone is

While I have been working on perfecting my dual HT handheld satellite
operation methods, I discovered that I simply don't have enough hand's,
ears, and eye's for everything. With this limitation in mind, I designed a
simple circuit board to interface a headset with a pair of HT's, and an
audio recorder.

The board as designed can interface to a pair of FT-60's via 3.5mm TRRS
cables, or a VX-8 with Yaesu's CT-M11 cable. RX audio is sent to a stereo
headset (in mono, of course) and to one channel of a stereo recorder.
Microphone audio from the headset mic is sent to the TX radio and to the
other channel of the stereo recorder. This way, the recorder should capture
both sides of the QSO without issue. The recorder has 2 pot's for level
adjustment of both the TX and RX audio levels to the recorder. I also
included a trimpot to adjust the bias level of the microphone, should one
wish to lower it for any reason, as well as a header to install a PTT
switch. My plan was to mount a momentary switch on a handle I plan to make
for my arrow antenna.

I will have 2 extra boards available in a few weeks time when they get back
from my board fab house. If anyone is interested, I can drop one of these
extra's in the mail, and I would ask for about $25 for them. I can make
more if there is a large interest from the group.


Mike, AE0MT.

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