[amsat-bb] ISS Beaconator II

Brad Schumacher brad.schumacher66 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 14:02:49 UTC 2017

Hi Chris,


I saw your post on the AMSAT BB made me think of you.


How are you?  All is well I hope?  Still with DirecTV?


We are very busy with work - I've been building new master control services
and we are doing a lot of international expansion.  The new facility is
finally making some progress.


I changed my call sign last year to W5SAT (get it SAT, satellite).


I just picked up an IC-7300 - nice little rig actually.  Also I have been
interested in 6 meters - meteor scatter lately but also have the e-skip
season coming up.  Been branching out a bit from doing mostly satellite


Ok, talk to you later if you are sitting around bored give me a call and
catch up.




Brad Schumacher



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