[amsat-bb] Fwd: Mayan Grid ( Thursday - Friday )

David Maciel (XE3DX) david.xe3dx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 06:23:33 UTC 2017

Some people have reminded me that the AO73 is not available in their first
pass in the morning, I will delete that pass from my list, everything else
is kept unchanged thanks to NP4JV and NH7H for their annotations ...


The work plan for Friday morning in the Mayan zone is:

Work schedules in hour (zulu) approximate start in my location.


On EK58

FO29 15:10Z

EO79 17:32Z

AO85 18:08Z

On EK69

AO85 19:48Z

AO7   20:13Z

AO7   22:06Z

SO50 22:52Z

XW2B 00:18Z

XW2A 00:26Z

SO50  00:31Z

On EK59

XW2A  02:00Z

EO88   03:16Z

FO29   03:18Z




SO50 12:53Z

EL60 or EL61

FO29  16:10Z

EO88  16:31Z

EO79  17:46Z

AO85  18:33Z

EL50 or EL51

AO7   21:05Z

SO50  23:15Z

XW2D  00:00Z

XW2B  00:07Z

XW2C  00:19Z

XW2A  01:24Z

FO29   03:25Z

AO85   04:57Z

You can see activity or details in my twitter account @ xe3dx

David Maciel XE3DX

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