[amsat-bb] Europe Trip

Gabriel Zeifman gabrielzeifman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 00:50:04 UTC 2017

Hello fellow bird folk,

Plans for my upcoming Europe trip are now finalized. I will be leaving
direct to Europe from the K6G expedition, first ops being on 4/30.

First stop is a long layover in Iceland. BIKF airport happens to be right
on the HP83/84 line, so I plan to operate from there. Scheduled times on
the ground are 4/30 1345Z - 5/1 0740Z, subtract a bit for customs and
security time, plus I'll probably be visiting the Oceanic Air Traffic
Control Center at some point. West Coasters and ops in the center of NA
take note, there is likely only ONE usable pass (sadly). This is the 1956Z
pass of AO-7, which has footprint over basically the entire continent. I
sure hope the QRO lids remain at bay and don't flip it to mode A, this is a
very rare opportunity. Plenty of passes possible for the East Coast and

After that, I will be heading to Amsterdam for four nights, then Brussels
for one night. Not sure how much operating in each country but I hope to
work at least one pass to the US from each towards my CCXD.

The second week will be in the British Isles. May 6-8 on Jersey, 8-10 on
Guernsey, and 10-13 on Isle of Man. I will be staying on the west coast of
each island to maximize possibilities for low passes to North America.

To wrap it up, I will do a day roving in Northern Ireland and the Republic
of Ireland with George MI6GTY before heading back home.

This is a trip with my family, so I won't be on every pass. I will make my
best effort to be on good North America bound passes, and it should be easy
to cover Europe as well. AO-7 will be the primary NA bird, but some use of
FO-29 will be possible.

All countries are CEPT TR61/01 and I have gotten LoTW certificates for all
calls. All QSLing will be through LoTW, but if necessary I can get some
cards made up, which will be available via direct NJ7H as usual.


Iceland TF/NJ7H
Netherlands PA/NJ7H
Belgium ON/NJ7H
England M/NJ7H (short layovers, not sure if will be used)
Jersey MJ/NJ7H
Guernsey MU/NJ7H
Isle of Man MD/NJ7H
Northern Ireland MI/NJ7H
Republic of Ireland EI/NJ7H


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