[amsat-bb] Dupe contacts on SO-50

Scott Harvey ka7fvv at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 15:02:06 UTC 2017

It has been interesting reading all of the chatter on here over the weekend.  I have been into satellites for many years and find it enjoyable to make some quick contacts on SO-50 or AO-85 even if it is someone I already have in my log.  I am sure we all have multiple duplicate contacts in all of our logs.  I don't rag chew on the FM birds obviously but have been known to have a extended conversation with someone I know on FO-29 and if you tune across the passband you will hear multiple conversations like this.  I do hear and contact new stations that are getting up and running on the FM satellites but the community of satellite operators is fairly small and we will make multiple contacts with the same stations.  If I am told I need to stay off an SO-50 pass because I am hearing stations I already have in my log, some of those passes are going to be pretty quiet if we were all to take that stance and risk being accused of causing QRM.  That is the nature of the FM satellites.  There are mid US passes where you can't get a word in edgewise because it is so busy.  There is always another pass to try.     73, Scott, KA7FVV
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I believe this is just something that will have to be put up with on a 
FM up and FM down satellite. Checking a number of calls you will find 
that many are limited to VHF UHF band but bit by the DX bug.


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