[amsat-bb] Thoughts on ISS packet switch back to 145.825 MHz (long)

Alan wa4sca at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 08:01:52 UTC 2017


You might take a look at the Direwolf software:


It has a PASSALL command which works much like the hardware  TNC version.  I
have lightly tested it, and it works fine with UISS.  It also can give a lot
of information about the RX signal.  It is a bit more work to set up
compared with Soundmodem because it uses a configuration file, but you also
get more fine tuning.



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<Stefan mentioned ...
< > ...many stations are actually on the keyboard and they
< > answer, but I don't decode it on my system and they might not
< > either ... using UISS ...
<I'm also using UISS with the fields pre-loaded for quick, standardized
<answers given the short time of the pass. While it is quite convenient
<to load up some software for soundmodem and UISS vs. all the hardware
<cable connections to a standalone TNC - the shortcoming with the
<software approach is that you'll only decode and display packets that
<are 100% correct, with no single bit error, checksum matches perfectly.
<So our stations are often copying a good-sounding downlink signal but it
<just takes a single bit error and we're not seeing the other station's
<reply on the screen ... or they're missing our reply.
<For this reason I'm thinking of going back to my MFJ-1270C TNC when I
<have some time to wire it back up. In the TNC you can issue the PASSALL
<= ON command and you'll see all packets, even the incomplete or bad bit
<messages. In the past I saw enough of most messages that I could
<understand what was received.
<No unattended beacons at this shack - but the preloaded messages I have
<within UISS are usually the same on many passes.
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