[amsat-bb] Linear vs Circular Polarization

Brady Gordon ac0xr at lowswr.com
Thu Apr 13 17:19:53 UTC 2017

Thanks everyone for the replies!  It is very helpful, and I do appreciate
it.  The SV1BSX site is great, and the visualizations really helped me
understand how circular polarization works.

Thanks especially Zach for letting me know about M2 Antennas using the
relay at the feedpoint.  That's also a good point about having to cut
impedance transformation lines, even if I did use a physical 1/4 wave

I may build something to switch between both linear and circular
polarizations.  I'm hoping to build the antennas in time for Field Day, so
I can do a satellite demo for my club.

Thanks again, and I hope to be able to work you on the sats soon!

73, Brady AC0XR

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