[amsat-bb] Orbitron,

Armand SP3QFE kontakt at sp3qfe.net
Sun Apr 9 18:48:53 UTC 2017

Hello Everybody,

Here you are you can download the Orbitron:

a) Update process:
Left Alt + F5
Chose Tab TLE updater (Left Alt + L).
Then select right Group, eg.: www.celestrak.com - I have done it many 
times since a few month. There are only four files: amateur.txt, 
iridium.txt, tle-new.txt and visual.txt.
After that, press button on the top of this tab - the first from the 
right (Earth with the thunder).
Update process should start.
At the end click OK. And close setup window (OK).

b) Now check the date of update.
Select some satellite (eg. the ISS).
Then select tab: "Sat/Orbit info" and check line with Epoch (UTC).
There should be date from today or yesterday eg. for ISS from today is 
(right now):
2017-04-08 20:39:01

c) if the update is wrong, you should start Orbitron with administrator 
permission, or select another location of the TLE data (in the user 
folder). You can do it in Setup widnow (Left Alt + F5) and tab 
Miscellaneous (Left Alt + M) area Personalization.

Good luck!

73, Armand SP3QFE

On 2017-04-09 17:44, Joe wrote:
> Thanks Pedro,
> And I fixed it, or at least I remembered how to make it work right at
> least on a Windows 10 machine here.
> If I right click on the ICON, and choose "Run as administrator" Then
> the whole BIG list appears, I download, and now orbitron matches the
> other programs and web pages again.
> Try that.
> Joe WB9SBD
> Sig
> The Original Rolling Ball Clock
> Idle Tyme
> Idle-Tyme.com
> http://www.idle-tyme.com
> On 4/9/2017 10:32 AM, Pedro Converso wrote:
>> Hello Joe,
>> I have same situation with Orbitron.
>> You can try http://amsat.org.ar/pass as alternative, as it renew 
>> automatically keps several times a day.
>> These updated keps can be downloaded/seen at 
>> http://amsat.org.ar/keps.txt
>> 73, lu7abf, Pedro
>> On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 11:42 AM, Joe <nss at mwt.net 
>> <mailto:nss at mwt.net>> wrote:
>>     UG I Like this program a lot. the ability to predict future passes
>>     is cool BUT...
>>     I started it today to do a NO-84 pass that was coming up, and it's
>>     been a while so it said to Up-Date the TLE's.
>>     Sure I did it as someone told me How to do. But when i got into
>>     the area that you download at, there was  no longer this list of
>>     like 30 that it would download, only one was there, for a nasabare
>>     file just that one file only.
>>     I grabbed it anyway,
>>     But it's not any good, because it did not agree with any other
>>     software's, and or web pages for the up-coming pass.
>>     Is there a way to do a like return to factory default downloads of
>>     like it did before of like 20+ files?
>>     Joe WB9SBD
>>     --     Sig
>>     The Original Rolling Ball Clock
>>     Idle Tyme
>>     Idle-Tyme.com
>>     http://www.idle-tyme.com
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