[amsat-bb] Wondering!

Marty Bluhm w8aks55 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 19:53:59 UTC 2017

After an absence of 16 years, I'm back on the birds.
A lot has changed but trying to catch up.
Here is my setup

Cushcraft A270-6 (3&3) mounted on a 10 ft sked 40 pvc on my back deck.
Tilted to approx 20 deg el.

When i first got the 847 a couplemonths ago, i copied stations on FO29 on
(believe it or not) a dual band rubber duck antenna.
Oh, forgot, i have diplexer on the 847 also.

Back to the original, since then I have not heard one single peep.
I just finished the 1700 AO7 pass, nothing heard. This was a 49 deg el
 pass for me in WV.

Post checking the status on Amsat page shows the transponders active on the
monitored birds.

I have a RSPlay2 connected to a 2m mag mount outside but polorization is
all wrong for it to work properly.

Any ideas of what i could be doing or have setupwrong?

Thanks & 73
CU on the birds , maybe someday, lol

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