[amsat-bb] Problems with my Arrow

Dale Kubichek n6jsx at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 1 16:07:07 UTC 2017

After you try all of the suggestions, go to fundamentals using a ruler. 

I bought an ARROW 146437-10WBP in 2011, never used it until 2012, when I found a serious VSWR workmanship flaw in the 2011 ARROW products. 

2m VSWR sucked and I could not adjust it in no matter what I did. See my files in: 

What I discovered is the 2m Driver gamma-match wire was 1.00" too short (per ARROW actual documentation). Upon verifying this with ARROW they sent me a new 2m driver element since we cannot unpress the pressed in BNC connector to change the wire. 

My advice it to measure ALL per ARROW documentation especially the gamma-match wires - who knows maybe ARROW messed up, again! 

Also the ARROW Diplexer is max 10W, be carefull not to go much higher in FM! 

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