[amsat-bb] so-50 hint

John Papay john at papays.com
Fri Sep 30 19:27:59 UTC 2016

Matt KK4FEM just tweeted about something
that happens on SO-50 when you start talking
before the satellite gets into the repeat mode.

SO-50 is a CTCSS Squelch repeater.  You need
67Hz tone to make it repeat your signal.  The
satellite must decode your signal before it will
turn on the transitter.  If you start talking
immediately, the first letter or two of your
  callsign will not be heard.  If you are not
known, others may get your callsign wrong.  Those
that are full duplex have the advantage of hearing
what gets transmitted.  Those that are not, don't
realize what is happening.

So just key up and pause a half-second before giving
your callsign. You will have much better results.
This does not apply to FM satellites like AO-85 which
are constantly transmitting once activated.

John K8YSE 

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