[amsat-bb] Alsat-1N (Pratham ) - Update

KO6TZ Bob my.callsign at verizon.net
Wed Sep 28 18:24:40 UTC 2016


I had UZ7HO_HS installed on my computer, but have not used it much.

On the 18:00 utc pass I tried it out.  I certainly copied more than 
MixW, but did not display any of the telemetry data.  What I received 
were frames like these:
1: <NON-AX25 frame Len=20> [11:07:27R]
1: <NON-AX25 frame Len=19> [11:07:27R]
1: <NON-AX25 frame Len=32> [11:07:27R]
1: <NON-AX25 frame Len=20> [11:07:27R]

I have to work on settings...

Thanks for the help.


Hi Bob,

Use the UZ7HO hs_soundmoden and un-tick non-ax25 filter.

Similar to STRaND-1 ALSAT-1N it is not full AX25

Regarding PRATHAM, it should do CW on 145.98 during the whole orbit and
AFSK 1200 on 437.455 over there command stations.

But so far nothing heard

73 Jan PE0SAT

On 28-09-2016 18:47, KO6TZ Bob wrote:
 > Correct me if I am mistaken;
 > Pratham and AlSat-1N are two different satellites.  Pratham is turned
 > on only over India and Europe, and AlSat-1N has a 90 second telemetry
 > beacon 437.650 9K6 FSK.  (actually running 4KHz low 437.646)
 > I have only been able to copy garbled data from AlSat-1n the last
 > three days.
 > BOB
 > KO6TZ

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