[amsat-bb] ISS ping box (now PBBS)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 22 18:11:01 UTC 2016

> Andrew, What you should be doing is try using the onboard packet BBS.

WHAT?!!!  NO!!!

Packet BBS operation via space was proved to be entirely inoperable,
impossible total congestion,, inefficient, impractical, wasteful and
discunctional use of packet via satllites 20 years ago.  That is why all
operation now uses single packet exchanges using UNPROTO or UI packets and
why UI messaging was invented.

All it takes is one person to try to log on, and then the ENTIRE PASS is
lost to retries and retries and retries.  Nothing is accomplished, and
rarely if ever does anyone even get logged on.  It is an abomination to
even think about using the ISS BBS.

> That way people could read and send you messages.
> As you're in a low use ISS area this would be ideal for
> you and other ISS users...

Oops... nevermind... I see you are on an island thousands of miles from
any Ham Radio density...

But again, this will ONLY work over Hawaii, or Australia, or South Africa
or other areas where packet ISS usage is so low as to be non-existant.  In
those places, yes, it would be a fun experiment.  BUT ONLY UNTIL others
heard about it.  Then it would be the same ole' "tradgedy of the
commons"... (google it)...  Everybody tries and it fails for everyone....

And a disaster if anyone tried it over the USA or Europe.


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> If you're the only station out there, then what's the point of
transmitting at all?

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