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Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Thu Sep 8 00:33:27 UTC 2016

Hi Dave,  I may have missed it on the QRZ page, but what modes on HF/6? Any
digital? JT65 on 6M might be pretty productive

Anyway, Good Luck and safe travels

73, Ted

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9 days from now, Wyatt, AC0RA, and myself will be getting on the boat in
Ventura, CA with our destination set on CM93. We've been training all
summer, finalizing equipment, setting skeds, and generally getting all the
loose ends tied up, and we look to be ready to go.

We have posted our Final pass schedule on the K6R QRZ page at
https://www.qrz.com/lookup/K6R - so feel free to find a pass that is to your
liking. We have tried hard to include everyone in our distance range on at
least 1 or 2 passes. Of course all passes are dependent on weather,
schedule, and other factors - and there's a very good chance we'll show up
on passes that AREN'T on our list as well.. find a window, and see if we're

We're also happy to announce that Jimmy, KK6FAH will be serving as our pilot
relay station for the expedition. He's a fellow AMSAT operator, and has a
QTH right in Ventura, and we should be in local repeater range of each other
while we're on the Island. We have agreed to meet up each evening and report
our logs to him, and he will then pass our report on to the BB. Please do
not email him  with questions about busted calls or the like, he's simply
going to be passing on our reports. He's also been awesome in helping us
with some local arrangements, and we appreciate his assistance with this
project greatly.

I'd also like to make a brief request for folks to use some good situational
awareness while we're out there. We know this is a rare grid and there's
tons of interest, but remember that the birds and pass time are a scarce
resource. We're hoping with lots of scheduled passes there should be more
than enough air time to get everyone worked that wants it, but use some
common sense. If you have linear capability, find us on one of those birds,
and leave SO-50 for the FM only operators. If you're on the West coast and
can work us on a higher pass where the east coast doesn't have a footprint,
consider delaying to give them a chance. If you can handle taking a night
off from using SO-50 as your ragchew repeater in the sky, that'd be great
too... and please try to keep the dupes to a minimum - you never know when
someone is just sliding into the footprint and only has 30 seconds to make
that precious QSO. Thanks in advance.

Finally, we're planning to do a very informal round table on 20 meters
Saturday night at 8:00 PDT. Clayton, W5PFG has agreed to find us a frequency
(probably the upper portion of 20m) and send out a tweet on where we will
be. We'd love to have you stop by on HF and chat about Satellite stuff, the
expedition, or "Am I in the log?" that night.

It's expedition go time. Hope to catch everyone from CM93!


Dave, KG5CCI
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