[amsat-bb] Best Connectors?

Jeff Griffin kb2m at arrl.net
Wed Sep 7 21:45:24 UTC 2016

 I also now use mostly crimp connections. The tools aren't that expensive, I
spent under $100. Before I retired one of the last projects I did was do the
engineering on the 10 year tech refresh for the 20 FAA ARTCC's GPS time
source. I had to spec a 200 + foot cable run from the antenna on the roof to
the actual time source unit. I worked with crimp connectors exclusively.
After I did some crimps, I will never go back to solder. I do find it easier
to solder the center pin though. 
  On the old N type, I always had issues after awhile with the shield coming
out on the cable run from the rotor loop to the antenna. If you must solder,
use the newer type that go together like a PL-259 like Jim suggested. They
will last much longer ...

73 Jeff kb2m  

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I too work in the profession and try to stay away from the old style. Not
only will the shield eventually release but the center pin will at times
recess. I use crimp whenever possible.

73, Roger

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> I have switched to crimp connectors and I do not think that the shield 
> connections, on N connectors, is any less secure than the "old school 
> type".  In every case, the sheild is compressed against the connector 
> body.  Ithink the crimp connector makes a better shield connection.  
> This topic came up on another group and someone on that group said the 
> military only uses crimp connectors now.  I could not verify his 
> statement but it seems to me that it is much easier to make a reliable 
> connection with crimp than with solder.
> Just my 2 cents worth.
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>   On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 10:21 AM, Jim Walls<jim at k6ccc.org> wrote:   I
> work in the Radio Shop for a fairly large city.  We deal with 
> everything from WiFi in police cars to a regional UHF T-Band P-25 trunked
> Essentially every RF connector we put on (except hardline) is a crimp 
> type connector.  We have the proper cable stripping, and crimp tools 
> for them as well.  The crimps are FAR faster to install, and when done 
> properly with the right tools, every bit as reliable (or more so) than 
> a soldered connector.
>  Personally I really dislike the "old school" Type-N connectors.  Had 
> way too many fail.  The usual failure mode is that the cable is not 
> mechanically attached to the connector well enough, and with some 
> handling, the strands of the shield start breaking until the cable 
> pulls out of the connector.  For home use (where I don't own many 
> hundreds of dollars of the proper crimp tools), I much prefer the 
> newer Type-N connectors that are put together more like a PL-259.  
> Yes, I know that they are not as perfect as the "old school" Type-N, they
don't come apart.
>  Jim Walls
>  K6CCC
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Best Connectors?
> Hi All,
> I till last night thought I found the "Holy Grail" of a connector and 
> connector source.
> But maybe was blown down by a "Professional" That does all this "Radio 
> Stuff" for a living.
> I always LOVED the old "N" connectors. With the big rubber clamping 
> thing inside for the shield. And always wished that method was 
> available on other connectors, even the old PL-259.
> A few weeks ago I found them, Like this,
> http://dxavenue.com/131-465-thickbox/pl-259-clamp-connector-uhf-male.j
> pg
> and I found a source, that is not only CHEAP, but in any combination 
> you could even dream of. So No losses from adapters. Like from LMR-400 
> to Male BNC, or even LMR-400 to female SMA.
> I bought three connectors.
> (2) LMR-400 to Male BNC
> (1) Male BNC to Female SMA
> Total cost only 9 bucks and 3 days shipping time!
> OK, I was sooo happy I had to bring them to the club meeting last 
> night to let everyone else know of this find. And a guy that works for 
> a land mobile company. They do all the radio work around here for the 
> police, FD etc. And he said he wished he knew I wanted them. They got 
> a box of a hundred in the storage room. A lot of equipment comes with 
> the connectors like these but they refuse to use them. He said they 
> are not reliable and the ground connection fails.
> I never heard of this before. What is everyones thoughts here?
> Joe WB9SBD

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