[amsat-bb] Best Connectors?

Joe nss at mwt.net
Wed Sep 7 14:33:07 UTC 2016

Hi All,
I till last night thought I found the "Holy Grail" of a connector and 
connector source.
But maybe was blown down by a "Professional" That does all this "Radio 
Stuff" for a living.

I always LOVED the old "N" connectors. With the big rubber clamping 
thing inside for the shield. And always wished that method was available 
on other connectors, even the old PL-259.

A few weeks ago I found them, Like this,


  and I found a source, that is not only CHEAP, but in any combination 
you could even dream of. So No losses from adapters. Like from LMR-400 
to Male BNC, or even LMR-400 to female SMA.

I bought three connectors.
(2) LMR-400 to Male BNC
(1)  Male BNC to Female SMA

Total cost only 9 bucks and 3 days shipping time!

OK, I was sooo happy I had to bring them to the club meeting last night 
to let everyone else know of this find. And a guy that works for a land 
mobile company. They do all the radio work around here for the police, 
FD etc. And he said he wished he knew I wanted them. They got a box of a 
hundred in the storage room. A lot of equipment comes with the 
connectors like these but they refuse to use them. He said they are not 
reliable and the ground connection fails.

I never heard of this before.  What is everyones thoughts here?

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